This reboot of Strider is compromised with a misguided attempt at being a Metroidvania. 

A fun, functional, and fleeting affair that shows you the basics of how the stealth genre ticks. However, it will never provide any moment of sheer brilliance. 

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned romp through twisted territory, just ask American McGee’s Alice.

Arkham Origins is still a solid action game, but disappointing in comparison to its esteemed predecessors

Valiant Hearts not only handles its mature themes with grace, but also conveys it all effectively on an interactive level. 

4pm is unsuccessful on both a narrative and interactive level.

 If you are a fan of puzzle games, Munin can satisfy and entertain in spurts. But for anyone else, it’s simply another puzzle game, as opposed to another one worth remembering. 

It’s frankly a shame that the same level of inspiration that created the believable mother-son relationship of Alice and Barney wasn’t also there to compliment it with more compelling gameplay ideas. 

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise is more than just bright, weird visuals. It's a game with depth, charm, and cannibalism.

Shovel Knight shows that there's still plenty of gold to be found in the pleasures of clear aesthetics, of an array of challenges conquered with simple and responsive controls, of hitting a checkpoint and jumping your way into a boss room. All you have to do is dig.