The Best of Gen 7 is here, and this is only Part 1. 

Merry Christmas from EndlessBacklog, here is a podcast. 

The Endless Backlog Podcast crew dishes out their thoughts on The Game Awards as well as the broken games that came out this fall. 

The Endless Backlog Podcast crew and more importantly Gagan are back to argue about what were the best RPGs of gen 7. Also Gagan shares his displeasure about Dragon Age: Origins, no seriously Dragon Age: Origins sucks. 

After a week long hiatus because Gagan was beaten up by a small child, the Endless Backlog Podcast is back with Philip at the wheel to talk about Blizzcon, and the new World Of Warcraft expansion: Warlords of Draenor. 

The Endless Backlog podcast crew of Christopher, Philip, and Gagan give you a top to bottom rundown of why you should be playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. 

Best of gen 7 series continues with the best ensemble award for the 7th generation of gaming. 

This week the podcast crew is back on the best of generation 7 grind with a discussion on who were the best characters of the generation. 

This week the podcast crew is back to retcon the best third person shooter list because Gagan messed up. Also Aljosa went out of his way to troll Gagan the entire podcast, because reasons. 

The Endless Backlog podcast crew is joined by guests this week from the Pedal to the Metal podcast from Point Insertion on Youtube to talk Destiny. We talk the good, the bad, and a righteous rant on Bungie's place among the best developers.