Chris and Aljosa celebrate how much older Gagan is than Resident Evil and Pokemon. 

At one point this was an Undertale spoiler show, but by the end, we also end up spoiling Her Story. 

Chris and Gagan discuss Life is Strange in its entirety. So yeah, we spoil everything. 

Ben and Gagan share their thoughts on cross platform play, what to make of Obsidian's new upcoming game, and then break down Superhot, The Division, and Pokemon Yellow. 

On this week's show we discuss Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Nintendo Direct, Universal Windows Platform, Superhot, Grim Fandango, and Final Fantasy X. 

Chris and Gagan break down the miserable launch of Street Fighter V. 

Adam, Gagan, and Christopher discuss what it means to be a gaming website in 2016 and the closure of

On this week's podcast we discuss the rave reviews of X Com 2, Ben's playthrough of The Witness, and how awful mandatory tutorials are. 

We're back this week to talk about the great reception and some of the poor criticisms of The Witness. While also breaking down some of the games we played like That Dragon, Cancer, Sunless Sea, and Spyro The Dragon!. 

With 2015's GOTY done and over with, we move on to our hopes and dreams for video games in 2016. Basically? Please make new things.