The fellas get together to go out of their way to ruin your excitement for E3 2016. Hooray, cynicism!!

The crew gets together to talk Blood and Wine, EA thinking people don't know what World War 1 is, the way modern multiplayer games launch, and more Witcher 3. 

Overwatch, Overwatch, Overwatch, and some more Overwatch from Chris, Gagan, and friends. 

Chris, Gagan, and Ben chit-chat about how much fun they had with Doom, Uncharted, and... Clash Royale. 

Chris and Matt join Gagan to talk about the Overwatch multiplayer, before they all get into an Uncharted conversation. 

The podcast crew discuss in detail the glory that is Resident Evil Remake, Dark Souls, Stephen's Sausage Roll, Legend of Dragoon, and Fallout 4. 

Chris, Gagan, and Aljosa get together to talk Hitman, Dark Souls 3, Nioh, and Playstation Neo. 

Will and Gagan talk a whole lot about Dark Souls and the hot n spicy news out of Rockstar Games. 

Gagan and Ben kick started this entire discussion on political correctness, and then at some point Chris and Will bring it back to video games. 

Chris, Gagan, and William share their thoughts on some old (not even that old) games they've been playing and Tracer's butt.