In the episode, the Brocast crew goes over a handful of games they've been playing, compares and contrast the way time limits are handled in Pikmin 3 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and discusses the value and potential impact of a MP only game like Titanfall. In addition, we discuss Flappy Bird and give our take on the latest Nintendo Direct. So join Bruce, big daddy Phillipe, Christopher "Straight out of" Compton, Will, and your broast: Gagan. 

The Endless Brocast Crew is here with Episode 5 of The Endless Brocast. In this episode we discuss the return of Sonic The Hedgehog and friends, the defense of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes' $20 or $30 price points and have a discussion on value in gaming.

The Endless Brocast Crew is back with Episode 4 of the Brocast. In this episode, we talk about games we’ve actually been playing lately. From recent titles such as The Banner Saga and Broken Age; to the excellent Valkyria Chronicles, Twilight Princess and fifth game on our five game Game of The Year list, The Wonderful 101.

The Endless Brocast Crew is back with Episode 3 of our Endless Brocast. In this episode, we discuss Microsoft's purchase of the Gears of War IP, Mario Kart, the latest news of Treasure making a new game, gaming terminology we hate, the big rumored Microsoft leak that occurred last week on NeoGAF and the absolutely amazing stories that have come from Eve Online in the past few years. So join Christopher Compton, Justin McBride, Philip Hartmeyer, Aljosa Kljujic (or however you spell his last name) and your host Gagandeep Singh for our Endless Brocast.

The Brocast crew in their second podcast on the new website.

The first episode of the Endless Backlog Podcast.