The crew is joined by Kira this week to talk Final Fantasy 15, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Space Marine, and Nier 1.  

The crew goes over the whole PewdiePie thing, For Honor, Dishonored 2, Space Marine, and The Banner Saga. Apologies for the audio issues. I hate the clicking sound too.

Gagan gets together with his buddy Tom Towers to create the most smug podcast of all time. 

It's that time of the year where we crown our 2016 Game of the Year. The podcast being this long is all Ben's fault. 

Gagan, Ben, and Chris discuss Furi, The Last Guardian, Inside, and how petty Gagan can be about Inside. 

We're back with a new podcast to start the year by releasing this podcast late as hell. So you get to listen to us talk about stuff everybody else talked about over a month ago, hooray!!

On this week's show Brian joins us to talk about becoming a Japanese pop star in Tokyo Mirage Session, Gagan talks about how confident Uncharted 4 is, Ben and Chris make guest appearances, and the crew shoots for the undisputed sloppiest podcast of the year. They got this. 

We talk Playstation Pro, Uncharted 2, Ripto Revenge, World of Warcraft Legion, and Shadow of the Colossus. Only the latest and greatest and Endlessbacklog.

Did you know Gagan loves Metroid? Because he really loves Metroid and Metroid Prime. 

Gagan hates Shadow Warrior, Ben loves Earth Defense Force, and William played Madden and King of Fighters.