On episode 118 we discussed Yakuza 0 right before Gagan and Ben argued about skipping boss fights. There is also Absolver, Heat Signature, and Hollow Knight. 

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Time stamps

0:00:42 - Podcast begins.
0:01:30 - Yakuza talk. 
0:17:40 - Skipping gameplay. 
0:53:35 - Absolver talk. 
1:10:10 - Heat Signature. 
1:26:25 - Hollow Knight. 
1:44:45 - Gigantic, Lawbreakers, and wrap up. 

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#1 AngelsandDemons 2018-01-18 04:28
Meh......I think I'm going to jump into Yakuza next month for my long game then pick of the indies and shorter narrative games after that. Shooting to do at least 2 games a month this year....yall were pretty lazy on this one...

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