Gagan gets together with his buddy Tom Towers to create the most smug podcast of all time. 

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Time stamps

0:00:44 - Podcast begins
0:02:30 - Super Teams
0:11:00 - Tom's awful predictions for the EB GOTY
0:30:30 - How Gagan responded to Scalebound being cancelled
0:43:30 - Max Payne talk
0:45:30 - Our friend Aaron's (FrozenLiquid) top 3
0:46:48 - Doom 4 talk
1:16:20 - Uncharted 4 talk
1:29:15 - Brevity
1:37:37 - Braid talk, lol sike we talk Souls, Nintendo and Halo for a bit. 
1:45:00 - Braid talk, finally. 
2:04:16 - Braid story talk, spoilers and Tom Hates it. 
2:40:00 - Tom begins to bury Jon Blow and Neil Druckmann
2:45:00 - We bitch about film wankers and how dope Wall-E is. 
2:46:00 - Braid gets scored
2:47:00 - Gagan is 2 for 2 on recommending shit to Tom
2:51:30 - We begin finishing up.

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#5 AngelsandDemons 2017-03-01 04:23
Nice Braid discussion....I 'm wondering if we'll ever return to form: cold open, life update, news, reviews, what we are playing. etc.....I enjoy the free form stream of consciousness but it seems like we are in permanent residence now from a listener perspective Gagan....BTW... .first time I heard you use the N-word....Let's not go into that territory again, please.
#4 Aarny 2017-02-26 23:24
Gagan is so intense compared to Tom holy shit lmao
#3 Blabadon 2017-02-24 16:34
What you said about Mancubuses (Mancubi?) for Doom 1 applies a lot to Doom 4 as well. They cause the player to balance their attention between the more nimble, weaker enemies and their own shots, which are often one or two shot kills when hit. Their size also means that a lot of the linear areas they're in are blocked off (at the benefit of the player being at less risk) vs the open areas where they are easier to hit from afar but can hit you as well. They all work, especially in later levels, as the part of the formula of splitting the player's attention between different priorities perfectly.

I'm replaying the game right now so I'll see what the Plasma Rifle sounds like again. I really liked it the first time around, and the overheat ability is easily one of the best tools in your arsenal.
#2 Blabadon 2017-02-24 16:12

Fuck you guys lmao.
#1 Blabadon 2017-02-24 14:36
This is one of the best podcasts yet. You guys work well together.

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