The podcast is crew is back after a brief hiatus with an entire show dedicated to Japanese role playing games. We talk about what makes the genre tick, what makes the genre not tick, and then we end up with what ticks Gagan off. Also William hasn't played Chrono Trigger, what a baboon. 

Read this to learn about the "exciting" story of The 3rd Birthday:

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#7 JacketsNest101 2014-09-27 15:01
Quoting Beacon_of_Truth:
Quoting JacketsNest101:

Damn man, in-depth ass post. Good shit. You won't win anyone over though ;p

Maybe Kira, definitely not Philip.

Yeah, it was more directed at Kira. it's pretty obvious that she was the only one of the two that was actually going to listen. Philip must really have hated the game to have gotten 30 hours in and not realized that Dunban's initial sword, the Anti-Mechon Glaive, could damage Mechon without the Monado's assistance.
#6 Beacon_of_Truth 2014-09-27 01:38
Quoting JacketsNest101:

Damn man, in-depth ass post. Good shit. You won't win anyone over though ;p

Maybe Kira, definitely not Philip.
#5 Foolz 2014-09-23 12:13
Uh, I think you mean: "Everything sucks before AND after Ravenholm."

RPGs has always been the shittest, most vaceous genre label. You can apply element of it to pretty much everything; and things that do qualify as genuine RPGs, often don't have much more objective reasoning for why than things that don't. Given the roots, if it uses D&D rule set it's an RPG. If not, then it's not. :P

Legend of Dragoon represent! Will wins tihs one.

Could have done with a bit more diversity, and more niche choices, though. Otherwise good shit...except, it's really about time you guys had an on air argument again.

Also, Keifer Sutherland is really developing on air! Following in the footsteps of WASDIE.
#4 JacketsNest101 2014-09-20 02:26
They do get weapons that let them damage Mechon, and the Monado Enchant is not timed. The Monado abilities work off a talent art system. These talent arts (unlike the other arts are unique to the character), all other arts have multiple versions of the same art across all characters. For instance, Shulk has multiple abilities that give the Break status, so do Sharla, Dunban, and Seven. Talent arts are specifically tied to auto attacks. Each auto attack you do fills the talent gauge a little, and certain arts like Shulk's Stream Edge (which attacks in cone shape in front of him) adds an additional amount to the talent gauge for every creature that it hits. When the talent gauge is full, the talent art is usable. Shulk's monado abilities (enchant, shield, speed, etc.) are talent arts and can only be used when the talent gauge is full. They do not have traditional cooldown, as it is entirely up to the player's knowledge of the combat system to determine when he uses things like Enchant.
#3 JacketsNest101 2014-09-20 02:12
Oh, and to ramp up the hype for XCX, you thought Xenoblade Chronicles was huge. XCX is gonna be over five times the size of Xenoblade Chronicles. Just try to imagine that.
#2 JacketsNest101 2014-09-20 02:00
(continued form previous post) the combat is gonna be even more complex. Also, I think they may have done away with the "only one character can kill this enemy" thing. Also, check out the videos of the Nintendo Treehouse stream at E3 if you want to see the new game in action. I'll post links below:
#1 JacketsNest101 2014-09-20 01:55
I hate to tell you this, Kira, but the combat in Xenoblade Chronicles X (XCX) is based off of the combat in XBC. It's an MMO-style that places a lot of emphasis on positioning. The whole "only one character can damage the Mechon" thing is only true for the first two areas as Reyn and Fiora are the only two characters (outside of Dunban) that cannot damage the Mechon. Later in the game you gain access to weapons made from Mechon armor, and those don't need the Monado's Enchant buff to be able to damage them. When Dunban joins your party, he comes ready-made with an anti-mechon sword made from Mechon armor. Mages (ether users), the Monado wielder, and any weapons that are made of mechon armor can easily damage the mechon. Generally, by the third to fourth area, mechon are just as powerful/threat ening as a common enemy in a Final Fantasy game. You should give it another try, once you start to understand it better, the battle system can get really fun. From what I've seen of XCX

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