The podcast crew this week talks a ton about the games they have been playing, from the likes of Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea to Ultra Street Fighter 4. 

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#2 Beacon_of_Truth 2014-09-07 06:08
Quoting Foolz:

"Better than anything Valve has written in Half-Life" for real. /brofist


I hate that I have to consider actually being on point from a grammatical level when posting in the comment section. Anyway, I think on Survivor there is plenty of resource gathering in The Last of Us, and especially in terms of keeping you in check.

I think we have hoarder habits, and we tend to hold up on our heavy shit as opposed to throwing caution to the wind. Which frankly is why I never had resource issues in 2033 or Last Light for that matter, but that's whatever. Regardless I think there are aspects of TLOU resource management that are more satisfying in game play than what you have in the Metro franchise. For instance I think the part where you have to actually build things on the fly as opposed to doing them in the menu tends to set up some tense segments. Bullets for currency? Eh not so much.

Fuck Half Life

Fuck Deus Ex if you mean Human Revolution.
#1 Foolz 2014-09-06 05:40
Okay, maybe I'm supernaturally great at resource management, but the resource management in TLOU was non-existant after I got through the school. From then I was rarely low on ammo, healing items or what have you. Added nothing to the tension as a result. I reached this point much later in 2033 and LL, therefore it handles resource management much actually having item management until towards the end, rather than for the first third at most.

And did they make enemies spongy on survival mode? because (including mutants) they absolutely are not on ranger mode. You can one shot Librarians easily with the right sort of weapon for instance.

Also, the Bioshock DLC sounds absolutely hilarious. The awful ending amplified to being hilarious rather than just obnoxious.

"Better than anything Valve has written in Half-Life" for real. /brofist


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