The podcast crew this week tackles the the legacy and current standing of the Tomb Raider franchise. We cover how and why the franchise was successful in the 90s, why it had a drop off, and why the reboot is worth a spin. We even find enough time to add in a new member to the team, have in depth conversations about Shampoo, and find time to talk about The Rise of The Tomb Raider "exclusivity". 

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#2 Phil_Fogg 2014-08-20 09:06
Worthy topic, look forward to listening to it.
#1 Foolz 2014-08-18 06:49
This is probably the best Game Under trademark banter that has ever been recorded. Hitler moustaches, split ends, and mortal terror. Amazing.

Geez, starting it on the ship makes SO much fucking sense. How did this not happen?

Wow, that is nothing like the killers can't love argument: that argument deliberately ignores everything about the character for an outside argument, while Gagan's argument was based on storytelling (which is directly related to what the character actually is).

Also The prologue in TLOU was such overwrought, Hollywood puppet theatre for idiots BS. The difference between Lara and Joel isn't the shitty intro of TLOU, but that they put in the fucking work to develop Joel over the rest of the game; whereas Lara's character arc is jarring and idioticlaly over the top as the rest of the game.

Fucking lol@ at the Mount Pious turnaround, though. Great work there.

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