Hey everybody, it's another episode of that podcast that gives itself its own accolades. This week is an all Japanse gaming podcast as the crew goes over how the more noteworthy Japanese developers and publishers performed in the 7th gaming generation. Aljosa, Chris, William, and Ben dish out their thoughts on some of the more cringe-worthy tropes found in Japanese games, why some of them struggled commercially for so long, and if chasing "Western" focused games was a good move on their part. In between bashing the likes of Konami and Square Enix, the crew finds time to celebrate exactly what made it so easy to enjoy the works of Atlus, From Software and Platinum. To finish it all off, the crew shows this week on Endless Theater that we're all good sports and are more than capable of poking fun at ourselves. In this case, poking fun at Gagan's expense. 

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0:00:00 - Open
0:00:34 - Intro
0:03:58 - Chris and Aljosa talk about a Persona Stream
0:06:40 - More Atlus stuff
0:10:13 - East v West power fantasy
0:11:55 - Japanese publisher marketing strategies
0:16:00 - Did Japanese developers fall behind?
0:21:04 - What is Konami at this point?
0:27:35 - Should more Japanese devs be looking for Western publishers?
0:36:43 - Chris and Japanese games
0:46:25 - Corporate hierarchy 
0:49:35 - Tsunami
0:50:45 - Japanese indie scene?
0:58:25 - Capcom, delightful Capcom
1:10:17 - Sega was actually cool, and commercially unimpressive
1:18:35 - Who are the best current Japanese studios?
1:37:30 - Nintendo is like videogame Disney
1:41:35 - What we'd like to see from Japanese studios going forward
1:46:25 - Endless Theater: Gagan's long ass post in nerd voice
1:55:50 - Justified and close. 


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#1 Foolz 2014-05-23 03:22
Okay, I'm officially rechristening this the "prudebro" podcast.

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