Chris, Gagan, Phil, and Ben discuss achievements, Hollow Knight, Firewatch, and Nier Automata.

Ben got Player Unknown's Battle Grounds, Gagan started The Banner Saga 2, and Phil played some Birth by Sleep. 

On this week's podcast Chris, Gagan, and Phil discuss the concepts of immersion, fantasies, and the rules of nature. 

Chris, Gagan, and William excuse for not playing a video game this week was that they just had to discuss ludonarrative dissonance, again. 

Podcast crew was in a hurry so we discussed Breath of the Wild for Chris, Parasite Eve with Will, and Battlegrounds with Phil. Gagan almost went half the podcast keeping his mouth shut, almost. 

Chris, Gagan, and William discuss all the ways E3 2017 wasn't worth getting worked up over. 

Chris tries to help Gagan with his Bayonetta addiction and talk about Persona 5. 

Gagan, Ben, n Chris are joined by Sean who teaches Gagan about mobile games while being wrong about TiS-100.

Gagan, Chris, n Ben talk about Pepsi, Square, Tearaway, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and single player games in an era of patches. 

Gagan and Will talk Zelda, Chris talks Mass Effect, and the whole crew talks about objective reviews.